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    Hand made beginning

    Our company history started in Berlin by the middle of last century when Hannes Josef Einrich inaugurated the workshop In 1949, which years later, became Thonet & Vander. Featured in the Second World War for his experience in telecommunications, Hannes continues its work with audio electronics after the war ended. Since the very beginning, he was focused in durable and high quality equipment manufacturing. Unique by his craft production style.

    New beginning

    In the early 90s, Thonet & Vander was founded by a German engineers team who took the concept of Einrich. They established in Berlin to plan the structure of production and development of new models. Their intention was to amass products production, but still maintain the artistic and technological essence. Shortly after the company creation, the company and its products acquire a major importance in market, achieving OEM production contracts for major Germany speakers brands.

    In 2006, an opportunity to expand the brand globally was sustained by the favorable economic situation in country. The increasing demand for multimedia audio , increased production into a new stadium. Was it then, that It was decided to build a factory in China keeping Germany quality standards for all our products . At present, we are one of the most recognized multinational in audio industry, with offices in Frankfurt, U.S. and Latin America. We also have distributors in 4 continents and commercial presence in over 24 countries.


    Our company is devoted to developing, manufacturing and marketing state of the art audio devices in compliance with German production standards. In Thonet & Vander we seek to expand the horizon of your sensations, we are focused in offering you the latest technology with the most stylish state of the art design in order to strengthen your emotions, making them more realistic.

    T&V history is closely related to the most outstanding principles and trends of design. Our source of artistic inspiration is Bauhaus School, an emblematic school of design that managed to blend for the very first time the industrial production processes with the arts. The company takes its name from two great historical personalities of modern art: Industrial Designer Michael Thonet and Ludwing Mies Van Der Rohe, Director of Bauhaus and one of the most influential architects of the 20th century.

    Each one of our products reflects our vast experience in blending art with technology. Since our foundation we seek to create electronic devices which are capable of producing great emotions, that’s the onset of the “” concept.


    Our products are the result of a long process of artistic and technological development .Countless hours of work to meet the needs of our users. Our art department is a team of professionals from different areas of design that develop all our creative projects focusing on functionality and elegance.

    Governed by the Bauhaus school guidelines, we create functional and attractive objects , where beauty must be expressed from all angles. Each model stands out from the rest, they have a captivating beauty that can be seen from every angle, they are the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. The result is a timeless design that overcomes the barriers of time and lives forever in the history of industrial art.

    “The creation and love for beauty are key elements for happiness”

    Walter Gropius


    We founded our bases in the research and development of cutting edge technology. We work hard to provide you the best sound you've ever heard. Our engineering department researches, plans and designs integrally every detail of the audio systems that we offer.

    We have a technical team dedicated exclusively to the enhance our products, both its acoustic structure as their technological capabilities. This implies a continuous work in our audio lab , numerous tests in our highly complex acoustic chamber , development of materials and components of last generation, as well as constant experiments in sound to achieve the best acoustic results.

    From our craft beginnings to our present day crossed by a high technology process, we have characterized ourselves by offering products that were developed based on our users needs.