LUFT / Connect your world and move freely

The ability to listen to your music anytime, anywhere, that was our motivation to create Luft®. Years of study and technological development resulted in this superb wireless headset. Enjoy your favorite music without ties, let the music flow freely and travel with it wherever you want.

Perfect for listening to music with overwhelming power and sound purity.


In Luft® we see the primacy of smooth curves, that fits perfectly to any user. Ergonomic and flexible, all lines are a metaphor of the freedom that its functionality delivers. It's a great and elegant device that gives quality to your music and style to your image.


Luft® is known for its high-definition sound . It has good performance and balance in the bass and treble reproduction , allows you to enhance them without losing volume and quality. Developed to provide the best power protecting your ears . It covers the entire frequency range allowing sound to be heard and appreciated in an unique way.

At T&V we design and produce our devices having in mind
our user's needs in every detail.

DSP TECHNOLOGY with echo supression

Any kind of interference when listening to music is a huge problem. DSP technology optimizes playback of sound using digital processing. Removes noise and distortion, allowing you to hear crystal clear voices and music. The echo originates in the loopback of local audio, and occurs when the microphone picks up audio signals from the speaker and sends them to another participant along with the voice. Our equipment has an echo suppression system, which allows you to override any noise that can be generated in the communication


Thonet & Vander is based in the research and development of cutting-edge technology. We call PST the product of scientific development achieved by our team of technicians and engineers, this technology allows to significantly improve the quality, clarity and power of the sound.


This product has a dynamic driver of 30mm in each acoustic box. This kind of driver made with materials and high technology, generate a sound with great power and quality. This product is optimized by bass frequency sound.


Is made entirely on the basis of high resistance and ultralight materials. It has the right weight to carry your music comfortably anywhere you want.


This multifunction control will allow you to browse your music as you want. You turn it on, pair it with any device, play, pause, forward, rewind tracks and control volume. It also has call control functions that allows you to take a call, hang up, put the call on hold, reject and redial the last number. It is designed to control any player or smartphone easy, quick and comfortably.


The microphone has a background noise filter, allowing to sweep environmental interference and transmit a crystal clear voice , optimizing communication by 40%.


Currently the technology is experiencing a new paradigm, where audio , video and text converge into a single device. At the same time, this devices pair between them. Bluetooth is the technology that allows this connection between devices. We use it to pair our speakers with playback devices, tablets, phones, MP3 players and laptops. Music, movies, TV, video games and social content with amazing sound.


The equipment has an extended range wireless coverage , the area of influence of the device exceeds 10 meters allowing you to connect any device quickly and without interference. Perfect to play music for every room in your home with the best sound. Perfect to play music for every room in your home with the best sound.


LUFT has a system of easy access and connection; were you can pair it with any Bluetooth device, in a fast and practical way.


Extremely useful tool to continue performing your tasks while talking on the phone. You can communicate without the need to use your hands, you can control the entire conversation from the handset easily.


This device allows you to charge it via USB, making it possible to have different power sources for charging the device.


The battery has a charge time of approximately 2-3 hours. You can use it for 6 hours listening to music and talking. On stand-by mode, battery life is 160 hours.

32X (more than 10 m)
18 x 140 x 130 mm
prosound tech
dsp technology
ultralight weight
hands free control
smart connection
music time: 6 hours
talking time: more than 6 hours
stand by time: up to 160 hours
charing time: 2-3 hours
volume +/-
next / previus track
multifunction button
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